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Safeguard your future with Directors and Officers insurance. Changes to legislation introduced by the Companies Act (2006) which came into force in early 2008, coupled with a spate of high profile claims and strict regulation by UK and EU courts has greatly increased the personal risks of being a director or an officer of a UK business. Directors are personally liable to defend any claims and their personal assets are at risk. The consequences of such legal action can be devastating – disqualification as a director, criminal prosecution, personal bankruptcy, loss of your job and reputation as well as family trauma.

Directors can now be sued by employees, shareholders, their own company, creditors, regulators, customers, competitors, government or anyone else who feels they have suffered a loss arising from the director acting wrongly in their position.


directors and officers insurance

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Directors’ and officers’ insurance, also known as Management Liability Policy, will provide cover against claims arising from a breach of trust and duty, neglect, error, misleading statements and wrongful trading or defending / settling health and safety, manslaughter or employment claims. Cover can be tailored to include protection for directors and the company against litigation, cover for the company in employment tribunals (including awards granted to the employee) and also for pension trustees liability.

Our experienced brokers will look at all aspects of your business. Lockyers are a leading insurance broker, we work with most UK branded insurers and utilise our buying power to design a bespoke insurance solution for the most complex requirements, getting you the right protection at the right price.

We aren’t just here to sell you a policy either. Once you become one of our clients we will work with you on an ongoing basis, adjusting the policy to meet the needs of your changing business and help process any claims that may arise.

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