Liability Insurance

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Public liability insurance

However careful you are accidents can still happen. Public liability insurance provides essential cover for claims due to injury or loss including damage to property belonging to your clients or a member of the public. If you own a business premises that customers visit, you or your employees visit client sites, your company organises offsite events attended by the public or even if clients visit if you work from home then public liability insurance protects you from the cost of compensation claims.

Employers’ liability insurance

People are the key part of any business. Whilst every effort should be made to provide safe working conditions, there is still a chance of accidental injuries. If you have 1 non family employee or more (either permanent, contract, seasonal or labour only sub contractors) employers’ liability insurance is a legal requirement to cover against defending or settling a claim made by any employee in the event of accident or illness arising from their employment.


Environmental impairment liability insurance

Lockyers can arrange this specialist insurance cover to protect against liability and potentially clean-up costs associated with environmental damage to land or water caused by your business. Environmental impairment liability insurance should be considered by manufacturers, transport companies or those who store oil or chemicals, waste disposal or treatment plants and the construction industry.

Lockyers are a leading insurance broker and we aren’t just here to sell you a policy. Once you become one of our clients we will work with you on an ongoing basis, adjusting the policy to meet the needs of your changing business and help process any claims that may arise.

Product Liability Insurance

If you manufacture or sell products, then you need protection if something goes wrong. Product liability insurance covers the cost of compensation claims for injury or damage to people or properties by a faulty product that your business designs, manufactures or supplies.

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