Insurance For bacta Members

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bactaInsurance for bacta members, arranged by a bacta member. Lockyers are proud to be active members of bacta and, as such, fully understand the risks faced by its members. We also have insurers that value the professionalism of bacta members and improve their premiums and terms to reflect this.

We have a panel of insurers waiting to provide competitive premiums for cover to suit each of the bacta divisions

Division 1: Family Entertainment Centres

Division 2: Machine Suppliers (Operators)

Division 3: Adult Gaming Centres

Division 4: Manufacturers and Distributors

Why take a chance using an Insurance Broker that doesn’t fully understand your industry? There is a risk you will get cover that doesn’t meet your needs. Get in touch with us now to see how we can improve your cover, and save you money at the same time


Cover can be tailored to include:

commercial insurance brokers
commercial insurance brokers
manufacturing and wholesale insurance
commercial insurance brokers
commercial insurance brokers
commercial insurance brokers