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Unexpected disaster - are you prepared?

Business interruption insurance protects you when disaster strikes. Damage can be caused by many factors beyond your control. Events such as a flood, fire, burglary or vandalism can bring your business to a standstill. Even when your property, equipment and stock is fully covered, other costs such as wages and utilities must be paid. The problem is there may be no income while your business is disrupted.

Business interruption insurance can make the difference between survival or closure. Cover provides compensation for loss of income and gross profit as well as assistance with meeting the increased costs of working while the premises are restored, such as temporary offices, overtime, hired equipment or transport costs.

It takes time for businesses to recover from a disaster. Be realistic and consider the length of time needed to get the business fully up and running again – consider a 24 or 36 month insurance programme.

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Business interruption protection can be added to your overall insurance package. Additional cover can also be tailored to include:

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