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Finding the right solution

Due to numerous recent high profile losses, piers are traditionally very hard to insure. This leads to many piers being unable to afford the premiums, or even worse buying pier insurance which is totally unsuitable for the risks they face.

Using our knowledge of the pier industry we have created an insurance product that addresses the risks piers face properly, and helps pier owners manage the risks they face. Thus, making their piers a more attractive proposition to insurers.

What our clients have to say about us

“It can be hard finding the right insurance for piers. Lockyers have put their specialist knowledge of piers to good use, insuring our business and the pier structure on the correct basis”.

Llandudno Pier


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Keeping you protected

One of the main mistakes we come across when reviewing a pier’s insurance for the first time, is that they are insured as though they are a business or property based on land, which they are obviously not. Our pier insurance programme takes into account that they are marine structures which require specific cover for exposure to the seas and elements.

Our system of insuring piers has met the needs of the pier owners, their banks/mortgagors and charity funding such as the Heritage Lottery Fund.

We can offer insurance cover for:

  • The Reconstruction and Renovation of Piers
  • Operational Leisure Piers
  • Working Piers, Wharfs, Quays & Docks


Insurance cover for your pier can be tailored from the following:

Meeting your changing needs

We don’t just arrange your insurance for you, once you become a client of Lockyers we manage your insurance, making sure it meets your changing needs through the year, and should the worst happen we assist you with handling claims on your insurance.

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