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directors and officers insurance claims examples

Clothing Manufacturer

Company directors face disqualification proceedings issued by the Secretary of State for trading whilst insolvent. Also alleged failure to maintain accounts in a manner satisfactory to enable receivers to carry out their duties. Creditors, including HM Customs and Excise, left unpaid

£50,000 + defence costs paid


An engineering manufacturing company was alleged to have used money owed to a claimant for a factoring arrangement to pay other creditors following the company’s entry into administration.

Director Personally Sued £300,000

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directors and officers insurance claims examples

Clothing Retailer

An allegation of slander was made by a customer against an officer of a company (a clothing retailer). Allegedly comments were made by the manager in public, which supposedly damaged the reputation of the customer. A threat to take the manager to court was made unless a settlement was forthcoming.

Settlement negotiated at £26,500

Gross Misconduct

Claimant was employed as a field service & support engineer. He was ‘on call’ the night of the company Christmas party, where he became significantly drunk and unfit to deal with any ‘calls’ (although none arose). Claimant admitted he was drunk but explained that a colleague had agreed to cover his ‘shift, although this had not been approved by management. Although the dismissal was not deemed ‘Unfair’ it was deemed ‘Wrongful’ due to delays (1 month) between the incident and dismissal.

Paid £8,085

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Racial Abuse

A clerk was subjected to racial comments by colleagues, including abusive racial terms and racially motivated songs. Although each incident was reported, the company failed to investigate. It was recognised by the tribunal that the employee’s concerns were not dealt with and found in their favour.

The employee received compensation for injury to feelings and for psychiatric illness.

Claims Costs £12,000


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